Though there were high and low moments in the movie industry, there was no shortage of amazing indie movies. Most of the movies revolved around what was happening in 2018, from the politics to social values and the struggles that people go through.

Here are some of the best indie movies of 2018:

Private Life

The movie revolves around a couple, Richard and Rachel Grimes who were desperately trying to have a baby before times runs out. They had tried for 9 years and in the end, the couple decided to take in 25-year-old Sadie which greatly lightened their mood.

Sadie was willing to help the couple start a family and the twist brought a lot of highs and lows in the family. Though this is a sad love story, there is a funny side which makes it an interesting watch.

First Reformed

The movie made by Paul Schrader talks about a priest who attempted to help a pregnant lady and in the process, discovered a conspiracy against a major church benefactor. The movie is full of suspense that holds the audience captive to the end. This movie is definitely a great watch.

Support the girls

This is a story about a woman working as a manager in a Texas restaurant. A lot of things go wrong in one day and the lady has to be strong to overcome all her troubles. Though this seems like a common story, Regina Halls tells it in such a way that will get the attention of anyone watching it.

Eighth Grade

The story revolves around young Kyla and the great influence that social media has on her. The story is so real and any young person from all corners of the globe can relate to it. You will be moved by Kyla’s story as this is a reflection of what is happening to the young generation.

2018 was definitely a great year for the lovers of indie movies. The products kept coming and getting more interesting. We expect even more in the future as things are looking very bright.