Making whiteboard explainer videos: A few great tips

//Making whiteboard explainer videos: A few great tips

Making whiteboard explainer videos: A few great tips

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Whiteboard explainer videos are a specific type of explainer videos that include whiteboard animation. On the other hand, this animation represents a process where the main story is manually drawn on a whiteboard. The entire process is recorded and visible to the audience. For many businesses and organizations, whiteboard explainer videos were the best option to make their complex messages simpler. In addition, with the right video of this kind you make seemingly boring topics fun. If you have decided to start making whiteboard explainer videos, you should take these tips into account.

Rely on creative storytelling

It’s the visuals that make the video, but this doesn’t mean that storytelling is not important. On the contrary, it’s all about the overall story. Try to showcase the content through engaging storytelling. Don’t forget that the main point is to address the problems of your target audience. The features of your products should be mentioned briefly.

Include animated characters

Not every whiteboard explainer video contains characters, but adding some unique characters can make a difference. These characters will help you tell the story much easier. Create every character with your target audience in mind. They should be able to identify themselves with the characters. Feel free to make them look funny and interesting, but make sure that they are not offensive.

Include the basic elements of every whiteboard video

Do you know these elements? Obviously, we are talking about the white background, the manual drawing/writing and the author’s hand. Making hybrid videos is not a good option.

Spice up the video

The previous tip we’ve shared doesn’t mean that you can’t spice up your video. For example, typical whiteboard explainer videos come in black and white colors. However, it is perfectly fine to add some colors when you are trying to emphasize some things in the video. A nice example is the use of company colors in case they are part of your brand identity.

Opt for a reliable whiteboard explainer video service

In the end, you should look for high-quality whiteboard explainer video service. By video service we mean two things – a professional agency that can create a whiteboard explainer video for you or an online tool/software that can help you create such video on your own. Both solutions are quite popular and you will find many different options.

Hopefully, this article will help you make the right choice.

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