Making product explainer videos: this to take into account

//Making product explainer videos: this to take into account

Making product explainer videos: this to take into account

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Product explainer videos are a special kind of videos focused on telling the audience more about the products you have in your offer. In this way, they can memorize and understand what your company does. In the recent period, the number of product explainer videos has increased and it seems that this trend will continue in the future too. But, before you start a project like this, you must consider some of the things that make product explainer videos effective.

Choosing the right kind of product explainer video

The truth is that there is a long list of different kinds of product explainer videos including live action, animated, whiteboard etc. Some of you may believe that there is some sort of a standard kind of video that provides good results for every type of business, but that’s not true. Every business owner must do some tests and experiments before he or she finds out which video works the best.

A good sales script

We can all agree that the sales script is one of the essential elements of a good product explainer video. At the same time, you will lose most of your time on creating a sales script for the video. Generally speaking, 60 seconds of an average product explainer video consists of 150 words. It is vital to stay on track and focus on the important things like highlighting the problems that your product can solve and how does it help. In the end, you need a strong call to action.

High video quality

The way your video was created will send a clear message to your target audience. Some people use free images found on stock photography sites and templates while others use unique graphics and animations. It’s highly recommended to use full high definition resolution.

Selecting the right length of the video

The best length for a product explainer video is between one minute and 9- seconds. It all depends on the complexity of the product you are trying to promote. If the video is longer, people will lose interest. On the other hand, if the video is shorter you won’t be able to share your message in the right way.

Simplicity is king

Regardless of the element of the video you are thinking about, always focus on keeping things as simple as possible. Stick to the point and be precise and concise.

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